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Planting asparagus crowns

Many people don’t know this, but asparagus is a perennial plant which can live for 15 to 20 years, and from seed takes three years before it is fully productive. As you will see in the video though, through purchase and planting of asparagus “crowns” your plant can be productive within one or two years of planting. Watch the video for a detailed overview of preparation and planting of asparagus crowns.


Long live Okinawa Spinach!

Okinawa Spinach is one of my favorite solutions to the problems associated with growing leafy greens in a hot climate. One of the core elements in developing a sustainable and regenerative permaculture system is finding perennial (year around) plants that will thrive in your area. These plants exist in all environments and locations. The key is simply finding out what they are. So many of us are caught in the illusion that the only edible out there are the ones we find in the grocery store, but this is nowhere near the case.

Every time I find another one of these plants I feel a little more secure, and a little less trapped. This should be the goal of home farming – to cheaply grow nutritious, tasty, and organic food without overwhelming effort. Okinawa spinach is one of the many ways to achieve this goal. You can eat it raw, saute it, throw it in soups, cook it in casseroles, and I’m sure many other things. It propagates easily, grows like a weed, and is nutritious. Find yourself an Okinawa Spinach cutting and put it everywhere. It’s an essential part of any permaculture design. You won’t regret it. Let us know what other plants nobody should do without in Florida.