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Permaculture vs. Monoculture


Sean Law leads the fight for our right to grow food

Central Florida natural farming enthusiast Sean Law is standing on principle for the right to grow food on his residential homestead. After not giving in to Longwood Code Enforcement’s demands to mow down the natural ecosystem in his yard, Sean has gotten the attention of local and out of state news sources. The coverage of this situation is as biased as it is sad, truly bringing to light the anemic state of our local news sources. But that is of no concern, because the dedicated souls of our community are destined to bring about change, a change that will reclaim our status as productive co-inhabitants of this big blue marble we call home. In this article I have included links to a video of Sean speaking in front of the Longwood city council, a personal walk-through of his yard, and then links to some of the television and news paper reports covering the situation.

Article from NY Daily News (Not sure I would call it news though)

Article from Yahoo News (Much better article)

Orlando Sentinal Article (first)

Orlando Sentinal Article (second)