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Find out how you can support the vision of WanderingUpward


I was very honored to find out recently that a friend of my mom, who had been following my journey, insisted upon donating $40 to my my cause. It is very confirming to me to know that people are in support of what I am pursuing.

There aren’t really any guarantees of what will come of this trip, but I fully intend to use this project to help foster the major shift to sustainability that our society desperately needs. I see it as my personal and moral imperative to work toward developing and spreading methods of living which are cognizant of the generations ahead of us, and to stop the destruction of our planet’s systems and hopefully reverse the damage we have already done.

I saved up as much money as I could over the last year to fund the project and I’m aiming to spend $10/day or less while on the road. I am not in substantial need of funds, but any extra money will be very much appreciated.

Donations are not expected from anyone, and anything I receive will be considered a personal gift which I will value in that way. Thank you all for your love and confidence, and may it come back to you tenfold.

To donate click on the link below, or you can send a check made out to my mom, Penny Hunter to:

307 Wetlands Pl.
Saint Cloud, FL 34771