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Permaculture Food Forest Garden – How To

I just installed another addition to my already established food forest garden, and I made sure to do a walk-through of exactly how I did it so there would be another example floating out here on the interwebs. If you aren’t sure what a food forest garden is then I will just put it simply. A food forest garden is a garden that includes trees, shrub sized plants, ground-cover plants, herbaceous type plants, built-in nutrient accumulating species, and nitrogen fixing species (which take nitrogen from the air and deposit it in the soil). All these plants also tend to be perennial (grow year around) or reseed themselves year after year. The ground in a food forest garden, once installed, is never tilled, and as the system matures it develops its own ecosystem, just like a forest. The only difference is that the plant species in the forest are chosen by you, the designer, rather than nature, the bigger designer. So without further ado, here the food forest garden.


Gainesville Compost

Gainesville Compost is a social business in Gainesville Florida that uses bicycles to recover food scraps from local restaurants and businesses, brings them to nearby hubs at other local business locations, composts and sifts the material, and then donates and sells the finished product to local people and projects.

I was very impressed with their business model for two reasons. First, Chris’ company works in a collaborative and mutually beneficial way with others local businesses that promotes community, and second, Gainesville Compost is a for profit business, and profit, I believe, is one of the most important yet most grossly undiscussed components of any sustainable system.