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Florida permaculture food forest garden walk-through

Here’s a walk-through of the food forest garden I installed with some friends nine months ago, and then an addition to that garden which was installed about three or four months ago. The plants growing in this garden include a Loquat tree, a peach tree, a citrus tree, native blueberries, a pomegranate tree, papaya, surinam spinach, perennial chives, cranberry hibiscus, tomatoes, chaya, okinawa spinach, native blueberries, malabar spinach, thornless blackberry, lemongrass, cuban oregano, shiso, yucca, mint, and lemon balm. I’ve also planted other things since the video to fill in the gaps. The new plants include cherry of the rio grande, magenta spreen lambsquarters (edible green), and three types of sweet potatoes. On the way, I’m also about to include chayote, jicama, and many more nitrogen fixers.