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Gainesville Compost

Gainesville Compost is a social business in Gainesville Florida that uses bicycles to recover food scraps from local restaurants and businesses, brings them to nearby hubs at other local business locations, composts and sifts the material, and then donates and sells the finished product to local people and projects.

I was very impressed with their business model for two reasons. First, Chris’ company works in a collaborative and mutually beneficial way with others local businesses that promotes community, and second, Gainesville Compost is a for profit business, and profit, I believe, is one of the most important yet most grossly undiscussed components of any sustainable system.


How to build a compost sifter

When developing a permaculture system, or even doing basic gardening, growing healthy soil is an essential element. The eventual goal of a sustainable and regenerative system is to build an ecosystem which perpetuates it’s own soil health, but this is a long term process, so in the beginning, composting is one of the quickest and cheapest ways to begin the cycle, and as the scale of your composting system grows a good shifting system becomes increasingly valuable.

Check out this simply designed compost sifter that really paid for itself after just a few uses.