Read my journal as I pedal across the country

So a time has come in my life that I have decided to do a 180 degree change from most everything I have grown to know. I have suspended my university studies, quit my ten year career at UPS, and got bought out of my side business. All of this is in the name of exploring what it is that inspires me. The decision has certainly produced some anxiety, but I have not had a regret so far. After taking a month to tie up loose ends, make final preparations, and say my goodbyes, my journey has begun (for a navigable way to follow my video journal mouse over the menu titled “travel journal” on the left sidebar. From there you will be able to choose the time period of travel. Once you choose the time period you will reach an archive of all entries from that month. I will try to make the final monthly entry a summary, to hopefully help put the posts in some sort of context.)

The first leg of my adventure begins on March 3rd 2014 when I will be staying at Kashi Ashram for a month, doing a work-exchange on their organic Permaculture farm (don’t know what Permaculture is? You should definitely google it). After leaving Kashi I will head back to Orlando for a few days, say some final goodbyes to friends, mount my bicycle and hit the road. Once on the road, my intentions are to seek and find the most inspired, active, passionate, and knowledgeable dreamers and doers of sustainability in the country. I plan to learn, teach, inspire, and be inspired along the way. In my blog you will find interviews, how-to videos, inspirational stories, important news, and who could really say what else.

I really hope this site will be able to inspire and teach as I go through this adventure of experience and learning. Also, if you have any recommendations of places I must visit, or anything else, I encourage you to email me at

I love you all, and I look forward to what we may share with each other in the future.

Matt Hunter