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About Wanderingupward

Hello, I’m Matt Hunter. Thank you much for visiting my site. Wanderingupward is my way of sharing projects, knowledge, ideas, writings, and anything else I think may be of value to others.

I live on a 5 acre piece of land in Osceola County, with my mom and our three dogs, which my family has owned since the early 80’s. It’s a great privilege and joy to be able to steward this beautiful piece of property. This is where many of my projects that I share come from.

I work for the City of St. Cloud as Coordinator of their Urban Agriculture Program where I oversee the community gardens, teach gardening and permaculture classes, organize different initiatives, and advise some local growers. I’m also working with Osceola County Grown on the development of a farm and CSA in which we are following the practices of Jean Martin Fortier to create a small-scale, no-till, organic farm.

Another thing you may see on this site are some of my projects with the Orlando Permaculture Group. I started this group in 2014 after returning from my bicycle trip to visit homesteads and sustainability projects. I’ve moved on from being a core organizer of the group, but I still regularly help the amazing new leadership team with different projects.

I don’t make any money from this site and rarely research and publish articles for their own sake. My main purpose for the blog is to have a platform and stay in the habit of documenting my work. I’ve found this to be quite gratifying and even useful over the years.

I try to keep posts educational and demonstrational but sometimes feel the need to rant, write essays, or share (mostly unimpressive) poetry. I recommend taking the opinion posts with a grain of salt. If I wrote them over a week ago chances are I don’t even agree with them anymore.

Feel free to browse through the drop-down menus to see what kind of topics I’ve written about. Also feel free to comment or ask questions about anything you see on here. You can also email me at