The Choice

I’m voting for Hillary this election. Yes, I would rather have Jill Stein. Yes, I would rather have Bernie Sanders. Yes, the system is broken, neither candidate supports the people, the government protects corporations, and we use war as a lever for capitalistic dominance.  These are all true, and I don’t think Hillary is going to change any of them. I don’t think any leader will change these things, not right now. I believe that, for better or for worse, the entirety of this responsibility has fallen to us. Another thing I believe is that our main tools for creating change at this point are unarmed protest, civil disobedience, sabotage of destructive corporate projects, and independent/social media. We have to act with our hearts so honorably and peacefully that the paid guards of industry refuse to shoot us, the jurors refuse to convict us, and the judges refuse to sentence us. We can’t fight our own policing forces, their weapons are too strong.

Reporters for pipeline protests are already being charged with acts of conspiracy against the state. Semi-trucks with digital phone interceptors and internet/cell phone data jammers are being parked outside reservations and protest areas to block organizing/publicizing. We’re at a point where policy and law does not protect the environment and future generations, but the corporations who’s actions will destroy us. Furthermore, we do not have the power to change these policies through the avenues legally provided us. We must force them, not with violence, but by leveraging every bit of power we have in a peaceful manner.

Policy will not be shifted from within, by any president, to the extent necessary.  How do I think each candidate would respond to the organizing which is necessary? I think Hillary, acknowledging that global warming is a major problem, would try to maintain the image of cooperation. Our militarized police forces, national guard, and private security companies that stand off with protesters would be encouraged to use non-lethal force and show restraint. Liberal supreme court justices would be chosen for office who understand civil rights issues and environmental concerns. Quite simply, we will be shown at least some level of civility.

How will a Trump administration react? First, Trump does not require the support of liberal minded citizens. His base is joined together on the notions of law and order, support of corporate enterprise, and protection from terrorists and traitors. Trump believes global warming is a hoax and says that the environment is good and all, but we can’t stifle business. We’ve also seen how he deals with protesters at his earlier rallies. I believe that Trump, from day one, would begin further investigating and isolating groups and people that are organizing against the civil rights and environmental injustices of government and industry. I believe he would begin, wholeheartedly, creating a dialog and culture of domestic witch-hunting. He would continue to spin the story of protest into a story of riot and disobedience. Protesters would be made examples of, state of emergencies would be declared as a matter of course, and heavy-handed and lethal force would be used.

Politicians side with corporations for personal gain. Neither candidate is outside of this influence. Trump, however will do it with a passion and maniacal fervor that only he could pull off.

Here’s my recommendation. Take 15 minutes out of your day and go vote for Hillary. As soon as you leave the booth go donate $100 to Bernie sanders, the Green Party, the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, or any other cause. Join an action group. Find people that are creating the change you want to see and join them. Spend the next four years advocating for a third party. Let’s vote today and dive head first into the revolution tomorrow.


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