Holistic vs. traditional treatment

There is a lot to be considered when choosing between holistic and/or traditional treatment of cancer, and some of the largest considerations are who and what to trust, and whether or not one is willing or capable of mustering the personal conviction and discipline necessary to dedicate themselves to the regiment required for a holistic approach to fighting cancer.

The cancer my dad was diagnosed with has an 80% survival rate after five years, but when considering treatment options, the standard five year survival statistic is only a piece of the full picture. Other things to consider are the remission rates after five years, the ten year survival statistics, and the rates associated with life altering side effects of radiation treatment. Serious long-term consequences can be likely, depending on location of the cancer and intensity of the administered radiation. The holistic doctor, Dr. Jeffrey Meuller, MD, told us that serious radiation side effects for this area of the body are almost across the board, and that cancer doctors can tend to avoid talking about serious treatment side effects unless directly pressed by the patient. Confirmation of the prevalence of these side effects was also witnessed by my father when he met multiple patients in the waiting room, and all of them were dealing with serious repercussions from their upper neck and head radiation treatment, and most of them said that the effects came years after their final treatment. Their conditions ranged from permanent loss of voice, to permanent feeding tubes, to blindness. These cases are far from a comprehensive survey, but at the very least it was a call to consider future “quality of life” aspects when deciding on treatment options.

As far as holistic treatments, I feel that we have been very lucky in finding good sources of information, which have served to give us hope and assurance rather than causing us to be overwhelmed with having to sift through loads of information on the internet which may or may not be dependable.

Our information came from two main sources. First, I met a friend of a friend in Gainesville who had a father that is currently treating cancer patients in Canada using a medical marijuana salve concoction, and they are supposedly having good success with the treatment. This new friend gave me his father’s number, and when I contacted him, he was kind enough to give me the recipe for the salve.

In addition to this treatment, I also was able to contact a friend I have known for over five years who is an MD that switched to holistic treatment practices after years of practicing traditional medicine. Upon calling him I found out that he specializes in holistic cancer treatment and he is currently working with other doctors in developing an education curriculum to help educate other doctors on holistic cancer treatments. We immediately scheduled an appointment with Dr. Jeffrey Mueller, MD, at his office, Whole Family Healthcare, in Winter Park, Florida.

At the appointment we talked about the treatment plan Dr. Mueller offered and how it works in relation to, and/or in conjunction with conventional treatment. He also informed us that due to the lack of formal widespread use of his methods it was not possible to give statistics on expected treatment outcomes, but that the goal of the treatment was to offer an improved quality of life whether or not the cancer goes away, though the treatment is at least supposed to halt the spreading of the cancer, therefore eliminating the negative symptoms which would be expected if the cancer were to continue spreading.




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